Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A toolbox is my go to for a lot of my work. Each profession has a 'toolbox' of sorts... whether it is your breifcase, office drawer, camera bag, purse/manbag, or chef's knife set, there is something that holds the materials that you constantly go to. Lately I realized that my 'toolbox' (which happens to be a literal toolbox) was quite uninspiring. It was plastic and cheap, a plastic-y red color with plastic hinges. Quite sterile, really.

Plus it smelled like vomit.

Now, I know that is disgusting and I really am sorry I have to say it but it truly did. I have no idea why but I had it confirmed by friends multiple times. The similarity was disturbing and again, not inspiring!

So when I saw a great sturdy metal toolbox at a yard sale a few weeks ago, I knew it had to be mine. It was full of stories from projects done over the years, beaten and rusty but still in perfect working order. For a hefty price of $1 I took it home with me. I cleaned it thoroughly and sprayed the outside with Rust-o-lium to prevent further wear and tear. I want to get my name engraved on the area under the hand that looks like it was made exactly for that!

Then came the fun part. I taped up the outside and the inside black metal tray with painter's tape. Then I sprayed the inside with Watermelon-Pink Metal Spray Paint!

Now it holds a little bit of mystery with its own history and I constantly want to open it. THAT is inspiring. What is your toolbox?

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