Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Surprise

This afternoon, amid wrapping and last minute gift creations, there was a knock at the door. It was the postman. I wish that he would always knock and not just leave it in the box. I loved answering the door and watch him shuffle through packages and letters, handing me ours with a smile and "Merry Christmas!"

In that bundle there was a package for me, wrapped in a familiar brown paper with a familiar U-S-A written across the front. I got a package from Spain! 

Seth, my wonderful British potter, mentor, and friend, dashed off a letter and package for me just in time for Christmas! I can't believe its been two year since I've seen him, since I lived and studied in that little stone Masia on top of a mountain, next to a dry white stoned river bed. 

He wrote on thin beautiful paper with that handwriting I know and love, telling of studio cleanings and friendly visits. He found an old pot of mine that I left behind. I left many pots behind since they all had to fit in my suitcases. A little syrup pitcher was stuffed in the package, with crawling glaze and Seth-esque blue lettering. Suddenly I had memories of sitting on my motorcycle-like wheel seat, bent over with brush in hand and cobalt oxide stain glopped in an old bowl, carefully lettering within Seth's rules. 

Oh how I miss him and his studio and that house and that bumpy road and my mountain! Merry Christmas, Seth! Merry Christmas readers! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photos of Everything I've Made!

Please note:

I have reorganized and replaced photographs.You can now view all of my creations conveniently using the links on the right-hand column that is always present on the blog. Look under "Sarah Coffin Artwork Photo Albums." The ReStyle albums contain, in order, photos of the projects from start to finish... the original salvaged goods to the finished product.

I will alert you to any updates.

This is the best I can do until I have my own website! Thanks and enjoy!

As always, if you see anything you love, please don't hesitate to ask. Everything is for sale. If it hasn't been sold, it can be yours! Just email me at!

Happy December and dropping temperatures!

Pointy Finger Print courtesy of Print of the letterpress hand available for $25 plus shipping. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tennis Rackets Turned Household Item!

I love the look of old tennis rackets. I've found a few in the passed weeks and fell in love with the worn leather, fine wood details, and the designs on each one.

Hanging them on the wall as is seems pretty cool but I thought it would be fun if it served a purpose... especially as I am not a tennis player!

Here are four different takes on a useful tennis racket wall hanging!

 Number One: "Melbourn"
... I love the vintage colors of this racket! The lighter wood and cream with black accents stand out nicely on a darker wall. This single hook could be used for any variety of things, keys, necklaces, something in your kitchen, your ID badge by the door... 

Number Two: "Davis"
... The two smaller hooks on this racket provide a symmetrical hanging devise perfect for a his and hers key holder! Also could be used for necklaces, ribbon, ornaments, or just as decoration. 

Number Three: "Ardmore"
... Affixed to it's traveling case, this racket is full of the old wood and worn paint vintage charm that I love. The four hooks can be used for anything from keys to jewelry. 

Number Four: "The Postman's knock"
... This racket is my favorite. I love the red details and what I turned it into! I hand painted the quote on the rim that read, "None will hear the postman's knock without a quickening of the heart" by WH Auden. I attached springs to the face and a hook to the neck. The spaces in the spring are perfect for mail and the hook is perfect for keys! Are there other uses you can think of?!