Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sketches from Germany and Prague

I just returned from a fascinating trip to Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, and Prague. My class, Museum Insights for Arts Managers, toured the cities and interviewed museum directors and curators. The resulting thoughts are still settling but here are some quick sketches among my pages and pages of notes from the trip. Descriptions are under each little sketch. 

The floor in the Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin.

A trip through the country-side. 3 different trees.

Steep A-line roofs. Tiny concrete dwellings.

A. Mucha and the Slovak Epic. Spanish Synagog details.

Raffael's Madonna and cherubs are so famous. The exhibit we saw in Dresden showed his work as well as pop cultural references to his work through the years... Including this funny cartoon of ladies studying his painting in the early 1900's.

The Alte Museum in Dresden had HUGE paintings. People were tiny in comparison.

Laying on the grass in the Teir Garden in Berlin looking up at a beautiful black and white tree.

Museum Island in Berlin. This is one side of the Bode Museum.

We met two local potters... this one I saw through a basement window. She was a character... swirls and squiggles follow her wherever she goes, I think. She wore a thick handmade dress over pants and a hand-knit sweater and stocking cap... She matched her whimsical pottery.