Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pull up that... DRAWER?!

A few weeks back, on a bright and cheery Monday evening, I went for a run. Around here Monday night is a lot of fun. Why? Because Tuesday is Trash Day! On my run I saw a disgusting old wooden file cabinet. The cabinet was worthless but the drawers stacked beside it? Awesome! I ran home, got my cousin and my car and headed back to the treasure. Cousin M confirmed the coolness of them and laughed as I put them in my trunk. 

The possibilities for these drawers began to pour into my head and I scrambled to sketch out ideas. One of my favorite ideas was an ottoman. Add some legs, a comfy, classy top and POOF! You've got yourself a snappy little foot rest. 

The legs on this ottoman are from an old corduroy ottoman found by my fellow picker sister, R. I tore that one apart (underneath it's ugly duckling hood, there was a great wooden frame...that will be revealed when it has had its own POOF moment) and cut wood, fabric, and my fingers. Woops, shouldn't have included the fingers but creating requires sacrifices. I only hammered them twice while applying the tiny furniture brads. 

I am so pleased with the outcome. The contrast that I am constantly looking for is definitely present here: classy, sleek, and beautiful with a warm flare from the vintage base item. 

Original varnish on the front. I added a slight sheen
to the rest of the drawer. Here you can see the small piece of
wood affixed to the top as well as the metal legs.
These are the legs attached to the underside of the drawer. They
squeeze and fold up into the bottom.
Ready for the top! See the foam and fabric on the left.

Attached the foam and then began the drama of the faux leather...
Add some silver brads to reflect the legs and POOF! I love it. 


This lovely piece will be available on Etsy!

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