Friday, October 14, 2011

1. The Restyling Etsy Debut and 2. The Process Behind a Lamp

1. I have more pottery as well as the debut of some of my ReStyling work on Etsy! Go to OR see the right hand bar on my blog!

2. I also wanted to share the work process of a recent piece that I finished.

A dull base and shade... ready to be ReStyled.

I tore the shade apart... which was quite gratifying!

I had some burlap seed bags from the garden center where I used to work (Merrifield!). I cut it, washed it, and lint-picked it (yup, I just made that a verb).
I traced the shade along the burlap, cut it out, and burned my fingers like crazy as I hot glued the burlap to the frame. There are sacrifices for beauty, you know!

Meanwhile, the base was drying from it's coat of metal primer. I think it already looks cooler as you can see the shadows and details of the metal work.

After tightly wrapping the burlap, I sprayed it white (coat after coat after coat) which really cleaned up the rustic look. It looked FAB. But, as I looked at the shade I knew it just needed a little something.
My mom had just refinished a small antique bench and the leftover antique brads were sitting on our workbench. Voila! Perfect finishing touch to the burlap shade.

The base got numerous coats of gloss white and came our beautifully!

Bada bing, bada boom! The white on white gives the rustic burlap and vintage base quite a modern edge. Sleek and clean without being cold.

And with a lower wattage bulb, it gives off the perfect little glow.

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