Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tennis Rackets Turned Household Item!

I love the look of old tennis rackets. I've found a few in the passed weeks and fell in love with the worn leather, fine wood details, and the designs on each one.

Hanging them on the wall as is seems pretty cool but I thought it would be fun if it served a purpose... especially as I am not a tennis player!

Here are four different takes on a useful tennis racket wall hanging!

 Number One: "Melbourn"
... I love the vintage colors of this racket! The lighter wood and cream with black accents stand out nicely on a darker wall. This single hook could be used for any variety of things, keys, necklaces, something in your kitchen, your ID badge by the door... 

Number Two: "Davis"
... The two smaller hooks on this racket provide a symmetrical hanging devise perfect for a his and hers key holder! Also could be used for necklaces, ribbon, ornaments, or just as decoration. 

Number Three: "Ardmore"
... Affixed to it's traveling case, this racket is full of the old wood and worn paint vintage charm that I love. The four hooks can be used for anything from keys to jewelry. 

Number Four: "The Postman's knock"
... This racket is my favorite. I love the red details and what I turned it into! I hand painted the quote on the rim that read, "None will hear the postman's knock without a quickening of the heart" by WH Auden. I attached springs to the face and a hook to the neck. The spaces in the spring are perfect for mail and the hook is perfect for keys! Are there other uses you can think of?! 

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  1. These are cool, Sarah. Super fun! I especially like #4. If you did use one of these for jewelry the strings are a perfect place to hang your dangling earrings. Keep going, I love to see what you are doing.