Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photos of Everything I've Made!

Please note:

I have reorganized and replaced photographs.You can now view all of my creations conveniently using the links on the right-hand column that is always present on the blog. Look under "Sarah Coffin Artwork Photo Albums." The ReStyle albums contain, in order, photos of the projects from start to finish... the original salvaged goods to the finished product.

I will alert you to any updates.

This is the best I can do until I have my own website! Thanks and enjoy!

As always, if you see anything you love, please don't hesitate to ask. Everything is for sale. If it hasn't been sold, it can be yours! Just email me at!

Happy December and dropping temperatures!

Pointy Finger Print courtesy of Print of the letterpress hand available for $25 plus shipping. 

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