Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Abandoned Resort

From our unfinished cement roof, I can see an odd large brown and white structure with a red roof just a little ways off. The odd thing is that it looks beautiful but eerily empty... because it is.

It was never finished. There are no walls on the staircases that ascend to the many floors, there are vacant holes where there should be windows and doors, and some balconies lack railings. Andy and I went exploring and climbed through the space. It is solid concrete and looks like the apocalypse suddenly whisked the workers from their work; tools left rusting, nut and washers piled and stuck together with rust and moss, shutters, chairs, and window frames leaning against walls. I found out that they just ran out of money and there it sits. And its huge.

Here is a quick sketch of the bottom floor. The staircase opens to the grass and sky above and those doors opened to an office full of tools, oven racks, metal shelving, and other random items, stacked, rusty, and deteriorating. But the concrete is solid and as good as new. It would've been such a cool resort. This downstairs area in the drawing was leading to a dining hall on the right with a large front porch. There are small huts around a man made lake that probably would've cost an extra something for a night. But it stands empty.

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