Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 on Dominica: Year of Drawing

Hello from the little Nature Island of Dominica!

I've been on the island for a week now and am getting acclimated to my tiny section of the island. I'll be ready to explore more of the place soon, I'm sure, but I've got plenty right here for now. The island is wild. There are sunny rain storms, rogue cows, and colorful fun-house looking homes all over the hillsides. The clouds move faster and life moves slower. The locals smile easily if you make an effort to be polite. Housetops are mostly unfinished so that home owners don't have to pay taxes on them. The roofs are flat cement with lose cinderblocks and rebar sticking up out of the cement. Andy and I often climb the stairs (with no banister or anything to protect you from the edge) to the roof and sit on cinderblocks. The view is unreal. And I want to draw!

The view up the hill...
I've decided to make this year a year of drawing. I will hopefully have more time to draw and the slower pace of life seems conducive to time sitting and drawing.

Rather than drawing randomly I will have a theme each month and draw within that theme during the month. I might switch them around but here are my ideas so far. Any ideas for the last two months?

January: Island Structures
February: Flora and Fauna 
March: Sky and Sea
April: Food
May: People
June: Medical School
July: Vessels 
August: Travel
September: Creativity
October: Everyday
November: ............
December: ..................

Here is my first one for January:

My neighbors.

See more of island living here: 


  1. Sarah, you are amazing and inspiring! I can't wait to follow this adventure through your drawings :)
    My ideas: tradition/ritual & light/shadow. You could also break "people" down into several categories: faces, hands, body language, clothing/fashion, backs, etc.

  2. HI Sarah! Julia's mom here...glad to know how to check in periodically on your new adventures with Andy! A couple of category ideas: do people make a living there? and transportation (Dick has shared some colorful images from his many visits to Haiti)...also children/play. blessings...Suzanne