Monday, June 29, 2009


Over the weekend Jennie and I got a chance to go to Glenfidich Farm. The farm is just west of us, near Leesburg, Va. We've been there before but it is always a delight! Richard Busch and Olwen Woodier own Glenfidich and have what I think is a dream of a set up.
The Farm: Glenfidich is a "170 year old former dairy farm located near Hamilton, just outside of Leesburg in the beautiful Virginia Piedmont region of Western Loudoun. Originally called Gobblers Knob after the multitude of resident wild turkeys on the farmlands, it was later renamed Glenfidich -- Celtic for 'Valley of the Deer' -- to celebrate the many deer that continue to reside on the property." After a long way down a pebbled drive you come to a few humble buildings and converted barn with gorgeous land surrounding them. Richard and Olwen grow vegetables and herbs and keep chickens (for fresh eggs!).
The Pottery: Richard Busch is a wonderful potter with incredible knowledge, experience and talent. He has created a work and living space that is ideal for a potter. The land around him must be so refreshing and inspiring. He was outside under a porch with his wheel set up when we arrived. Throwing outside may be one of my favorite things! He had the ease and friendliness of a potter and graciously showed me around. He has a huge Japanese influence, reminding me of the potters I most admire. His pottery is graceful and substantial at the same time. His vases and large bowls have an ease about them that reminded me of him. They were definitely my favorite. The seemingly spontaneous decoration on his pots is very traditional of Japanese aesthetics but he makes it his own.

The Cookery School: Olwen, a wonderful and energetic British woman, runs Glenfidich Farm Cookery School. Anyone can go take classes with her! Check out her classes and themes on the website. Makes my mouth water just reading it. A little while ago she bought some of my sister's handmade aprons for her school. She has written cook books and used to write for the New York Times Living section. Richard invited us up to their kitchen/living area where I fell in love with the light and airy ceilings, hand made pottery, exposed woodwork, and open cooking space. You can see that their creativity is bursting!

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