Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All in the Family!

As is often the case, the art gene runs strong in a family. Many of my relatives have pursued or are pursuing art, all in varying degrees and fashions. My cousin Cameron is graduating from high school and is hoping to be an artist. Here you can see some of his wood carving work. He carves so quickly and really has an eye for balance and proportion. He is creating a lot of faces and people right now, even making his little busts into wine stoppers. Besides wood carving, for which he has won various awards, he is trying his hand at drawing, painting, and even some pottery! It is great to see an artist starting out, figuring out the perfect medium, the right path.

Most artists get their hand in every art form they can and the hard part is focusing. Some find their focus pretty quickly, others take much longer, and the really intense ones keep their hand in a few, becoming accomplished in all of them. One of the failures of an artist is, I think, when the dabbling becomes the focus and no real skill or eye is acquired in any one area. I found it hard to "just say no" in order to devote myself to really learning pottery. I have come to realize that "no" does not mean "never" but there must be a strong sense of responsibility to your craft, just as with any other calling or vocation. Without that sense of responsibility and personal dedication you get yourself fired ... though in an artist's case your public and, ultimately, your own identity are the ones who "fire" you.


  1. Sarah, you're talking about my son! He he had an art gallery in our shed at his open house, he even sold some pots and carvings.

  2. Thats so cool! I love his stuff and can't wait to see more!