Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where do I come from?

A few posts back I mentioned that I come from a line of artists on both sides. I'd like to share some of the artwork by the people nearest and dearest to me. I think I'll start with just a picture here and there and eventually do a full post on each person.

This is a wonderful print by my Grandma, Gretchen Quie... my mother's mother. This was from the farm that she and my Grandpa owned and operated. Her talent and scope of mediums is just mind boggling. I can't get enough of her sketches, from high school on up! My dream is to write a book about her some day. I have a host of interviews that I've done with her (or I had someone do with her) and would love to type some of those questions and answers out and share them.

She is also the grandmother that was a potter. I will try to get a hold of some pictures of her pots to share too. She gave me all of her pottery tools in her old tool box. I love to pick up a rib or ruler and see "Gretchen Quie" written in her hand on the side, knowing that she did the same action with the same tool years ago.

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