Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bikes in Madrid

Sustainable living is a topic of conversation around the globe... green is definitely the color of the decade. In this hue, bicycle shares, lanes, and shops are popping up all over the place as people seek an auto alternative, green-style. And, after reading Shop Class as Soulcraft,  the bike is looking much more attractive as a material possession that I can actually manage. (Read the book, its a good one.) 

Friends of mine, Reid, and his wonderful wife, Clara, live in Madrid. They are starting a very cool project. He called it a "project/space/shop dedicated to urban cycling..."

"The focus is practical, simple, and if possible cool-looking bicycles and accessories, coupled with a full-service workshop and strong focus on making available practical information for potential cyclists to make it easier to make the switch to a bicycle."

See the work in progress with a simple but inspiring video featuring obvious passion and skill.

The following is a translated excerpt from their business plan. So cool!

Buena Suerte, you two! 

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  1. I can second the recommendation to read Shop Class as Soulcraft, which I enjoyed very much. Having a "brain only" job, there is nothing quite like going home and putting a few minutes into actually doing something tangible with my hands, whether that is changing my oil or making a fife on the lathe.