Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Restoring the Beauty

Living on the Eastern Shore has seeped into my style. I fell in love with traipsing around the coast line, rain or shine, picking up drift wood and twisted, rusted shapes. My brain was going wild with ideas of picking up these great natural pieces and turning them into a classy contrast between organic and modern. After collecting from the shore, I moved inland and started seeing the same possible contrast in old pieces on trash day, at yard sales, and junk shops. By staying simple, striving toward classy not crafty, and letting the shapes dictate their use, I aim to create some gorgeous pieces. Here are the beginnings...

Half Barrel Shelves
Along the coast I found tons of these half circles. They are from the bottom of fishermen's barrels. The great smoothed wave washed wood with rust bleeding onto each shelf contrasts nicely with the black shiny boards.

Tops of the shelves

Bottoms of the shelves

On a red wall: side view
On a red wall: straight on

A drift wood Hook for the front hall or mud room!

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