Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paintings and Pots... oh my!

I blogged about an idea last year to throw pots from paintings, recreating the ceramics found in so many paintings. The idea, marinating for some time now, inspires me to draw quite a bit. Here is a painting with a great pot. If only I had the time to throw. This would be a good one to begin... the grey and blue... I think I need a salt or soda kiln. Oh the possibilities!


  1. Who is the prosperous-looking fellow who got painted alongside that pot — do you know?

  2. I love this idea! There are several whistler paintings with pots that I would buy in a heartbeat.

  3. Unfortunately I don't know. I took that photo on my phone a little while back. I think the painting is at the National Gallery or, more likely, the Freer/Sachler since that is my favorite.

    Maggie, I agree! Whistler must have loved pottery....

  4. Hi Sarah-

    Great seeing you today and hearing a bit about your time with Seth Cardew. I love this idea of throwing the pots in paintings-- won't U of M give you a scholarship to do that? Your pots and paintings are beautiful. I hope you find the time to continue to make art!
    carrie coleman

  5. At the Boston MFA, the family who commissioned Sargent to paint their daughters ( later donated the two vases from the painting to the MFA. The painting is now exhibited with the two vases. Pretty great to see. They're no pots, though.