Friday, April 9, 2010

Posts from a Spanish Diary: #8 Sketches

My time in Spain produced far fewer drawings than I imagined. I think I was a little overwhelmed by the already romantic, picturesque surroundings and intimidated by the rustic beauty of every scene. I did draw pots quite a bit and sketched here and there. I thought it might be fun to share a few of each plus some notes. Enjoy!

A mug by Seth Cardew and a pitcher by Michael Cardew. Drawn in the kitchen after using both for breakfast.

Seth's music room. Listening to Seth play piano, trumpet, or clarinet was one of my favorite aspects of my time there. He would play while I cooked dinner and I almost wanted to continuing cooking just to hear him play a little longer. He learned songs that were familiar to me and introduced me to some gorgeous pieces I didn't know.

Seth always looked so comfortable at the piano and sat at the grand piano with sculptures, pots, and books surrounding him. The side door was usually open, letting the warm, dry Spanish air swirl around the loose paper and music sheets.

Learning Seth's rules for lettering..

Dr. Vogel, Seth's sculpture professor, created this huge reclining nude. Seth proudly displayed it right next to his grand piano.

Wooden spoons in a Cardew pitcher.

Learning Seth's rules for bowls.


  1. Sarah, your creativity and talent is truly inspiring. My respects to you!

  2. These are all great, Sarah! I especially like the wooden spoons sketch...I like the curves and where you decided to cut if off on the bottom. It's such a graceful sketch!

  3. Thanks Anna and E.! I love to sketch... it is a great exercise and great break for the other side of my brain.