Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I wrote previously concerning the difficulty many people have with modern art. People do not know what they can or can not say. Many are afraid to have opinions. Yes, some of the artwork is to blame for that. But a trend in today's communication style is the real problem here.

What has happened to speaking with conviction? Why is it "uncool" to know what you are talking about or believe what you are saying? Why does it make us squirm to share a clear opinion or shift uncomfortably when someone has something to say and comes right out and just says it?

Watch this video:

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.
And let it inspire you to pay attention to your speech, pay attention to your beliefs, pay attention to your opinions. Become a real person, one who is worth listening to, worth talking to. Get rid of the fluff that makes up the perpetual see-saw of so many conversations.


  1. That is a fantastic video Sarah. Where are the limbs indeed! I once heard (and don't remember the source): Be egalitarian with people and elitist with ideals. Our modern culture has reversed these two. There is nothing wrong with speaking with conviction so long as we are always open to correction.

  2. That just sounded like someone who's always been taught that nobody's right or wrong, it's all opinion. That, and we go to any length not to offend anyone else. I also think this is creeping into areas that are supposed to stick to observable, quantifiable truth, but that's another story.