Monday, October 5, 2009

Spanish Toast

Spanish Tomato Toast: The Breakfast of a Potter

Every morning Seth has Spanish Tomato Toast for breakfast. Its amazing! Give it a try and DO NOT skimp on the olive oil.

Its a very easy recipe!

Slice of Toast (not just any toast: light and airy, similar to ciabatta, wood fired, crisp outside and soft, bubbly, tender inside)
Tomato (Roma is best)
Cloves of Garlic
Olive Oil
Kosher salt

Slice a thick piece of bread and place in toaster (turn over, if toaster doesn't do both sides).

Open one clove of garlic. Once bread is beautifully brown on both sides, take out and rub the clove of garlic generously on both sides of the toast (use another if that one gets too small).

Then take the half tomato and rub it generously, pushing down, all over both sides of the bread. This will squish the tomato and turn the bread a beautiful pinkish red color.

Place tomato and toast on a plate. Then pour, don't sprinkle, olive oil all over the bread. Be sure to cover the crispy outside as well as the middle. Sprinkle with kosher salt if desired.

The combo of the tomato and the oil soften the toast. Eat with a fork and knife, taking a bit of bread with a bite of tomato.

*Add ham and/or a strong cheese if desired.


  1. Ohhh, that sounds wonderful! Sarah, just spoke with your Mom and learned you were in Spain. I've been out of the loop the last couple of months...busy on this end...but so excited for your wonderful opportunity! I'm sure you're having a wonderful time and learning lots! If your back when your Mom comes to Wilmington, I'd love it if you'd come so I can hear of all your escapades!

    Love, Lisa

  2. Oh it is sooo good. Let me know if you try it, anyone!