Monday, August 3, 2009

Have you ever trimmed a pot?

I really don't enjoy trimming pots but it is fun to watch. The clay curls and snakes off in long flat strands and a foot appears from no where.

Watch here if you've never seen it before. I explain a little about the process and reasoning behind it in the video.


  1. I love watching you work. It always prompts me to ask questions. So here goes.
    1. What happens to the trimmed off clay? Is it reusable?
    2. How do you put a hole in the bottom for drainage if it's going to be a plant pot?

  2. SLM, thanks for the comment! The clay that comes off of the pot IS reusable. Some potters reuse it, others don't. In my post on clay (, the 6th paragraph down, I talk about the trimmings and "reclaim". The trimmings have to be reclaimed, ie. add water, let it sit, and give it a good squish.
    For planters I do one of two things: throw the pot with a hole in the bottom (So, I throw all the way down to the wheel head) or trim the hole into it as I trim. Either way works.
    Good questions!

  3. Aha! I thought that the trimmings might be part of reclaim...but it's all a new language to the outsider so I thought I'd ask.

    Now what the heck are we supposed to do while you go overseas for 2 months?

  4. loved watching this video! it was cool to see you work!